Friendship Playlist – Playlist Music Share With My Music Soulmate

Happiness is, when we found our music-soulmate, a loved ones who always have that “same pleasure” when you both talk about music. The weirdest, the loudest, the un-populer… so many things and you just enjoy the convo.

One of my music soulmate, a friend since I was in college, sent me her must-listen music list. It’s quite fun–and memorable moment–because she’s in Bandung while I’m in Jakarta. It’s like, we share some personal music-memory-journey thru–I fuckin’ don’t know– 100 KM aparts?

Her List:

Well, I’m not gonna share every song she gave me, but here, I give my must-listen playlist for you, Re. Enjoy.

My List:

‘Till we meet again ya.

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