Beyond right and wrong, we met on inadvertency.

In the middle of inability to feel something, I identify the possibility of you. I took a glimpse, depth to your complexion; to the essential habit which is known only by yourself. Odd is, the possibility still there even more solid.

I accept who you are whilst I am trying to contribute something positive into your life. Love should be that melancholic, shouldn’t it? To give each other way to growth without interfere their quirks. Odd is, I love your weirdness as I found myself very comfortable sharing idiotic things to you.

You drowning me into the world that created my our own Himalaya. I felt depth into that, cannot stop. Yet, in this millennial-complicated world, I found you very simple to be notice. I found you lead me into simple things and I treasure that moment.

But again, opening into something new such a very uphill stage, right? As pleasing as it is, I learned from the past. The urge to keep you here keeps me straightly talking to God, to show me His legitimate solid intention.

November 15 2017
(writing this on Facebook pages, hoping everything will be alright at the end)
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