The Happy Pills

We met at the inadvertence of life and as usual, timing is always a bitch. We believe that our distinctions are the reason why we should follow life’s culture; as we know—culture in odd moment—killing everybody who are plainly live in it.

You are my happy pills. The one who can bring limitless happiness as my life runs in differences desire. Even at periodically, you spin too fast and I feel like I could literally die in your depth vortex; your thoughts, especially.

You are my happy pills. The one that could exactly convert every perception into some beautiful things and create contingent of restful atmosphere that can make me stay eternally.

You are my happy pills as we believe our togetherness are the only way to develop one another’s soul. We are, like, created to bring colour to one another’s spirit and stroll the world with our peculiar ego.

Nevertheless with that kind of specific relationship, we also realised, that pills have a grace period. We don’t know when, we don’t know how… but, when everything has reached the dead end, we can measure one thing: that happy pills leaves the hell of treasure we called happyness memories. And it’s a rare feeling people could delegate.

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Ribka Anastasia Setiawan. Virgo. Have an affair with words and life. Full-time writer, part-time journalist, amateur copywriter, personal blogger. In love with life.

28. August 2017 by Ribka Anastasia
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